America’s in big trouble!  It’s gotten ugly in the last few months. Really, really ugly.  It scares the heck out of me that hate crimes have spiked.  Churches, mosques, synagogues, even cemeteries are being vandalized.  People are talking past each other in anger and fear. Passions are running so high that we stop listening unless we agree with what’s being said. Myself included. I’ve been known to yell some pretty colorful words at my television when certain politicians are on. I’m not proud of it but it’s true. I’m working harder to listen, to try to understand. And by searching for common ground that’s how women — just like you and me — can make a difference.

Here are 7 ways women can save America

How about if we all agree to start acting like adults? Insults, manipulation, and an “us against them” attitude isn’t the way responsible adults behave. (Remember, your kids are watching.) Demonizing those who aren’t on the same side as us means everybody loses. I may have different beliefs and political leanings than you but that doesn’t mean we have to hate each other.

When I want to get my two cents worth in (and I often do) it’s hard to listen to other points of view. women-can-save-AmericaBut I’ve been trying to do better. And what I’m hearing is not just anger. It’s fear. And hurt. Feeling ignored and invisible for too long. A deep sense of uncertainty.  It’s frustration, confusion, and discouragement. And feeling helpless in the face of enormous change. I’m hearing that from Democrats and Republicans alike. Which in a weird way gives me a tiny bit of hope. . .


Women can save America when we stop seeing each other as the “enemy.” We can quit scapegoating groups of people, a tactic those in government are using to great advantage right now. Fear is contagious but so is optimism. It’s time for women of all political persuasions and faiths to choose optimism, healing, and hope. By collaborating and using common sense. By committing to doing what’s right and just. Because we are all in this together.

Although our politicians insist on fighting with each other, women can save America by choosing another path. We surely won’t agree on everything and that’s OK. Just think what could happen if we treated each other with respect and courtesy –- you know, just one human being to another — despite our differences.

Instead of buying into the fear, mistrust, and animosity let’s find common ground — that little bit of dry land amidst a raging torrent of disagreement and distrust. I’m sure you want clean air and water just like me. You want safe, healthy food for your kids, don’t you? You care about good schools, safe neighborhoods, and roads that aren’t full of pot holes, right? And don’t you want to be able to worship as you please? (One of the founding principles of our country.) There are places where we can agree so let’s start there.

Find a cause, an issue, or a problem in your local community that you really care about. Connect with a few other people who care about it too. women-can-save-AmericaLet go of who voted for Trump and who didn’t. (Yeah, I know it’s hard! ) We can figure out how to work together to create positive change around a single issue, can’t we?

If you and I are working alongside each other cleaning up the trash along the river, reading to kids at the library, or helping at a food bank, we’re getting to know each other as women. Our politics don’t matter. Making a positive difference and making our lives count is what it’s all about.

Women can save America by standing up for the core values that make us who we are. Human rights are important to all of us, aren’t they? And honesty. Ethical behavior. A strong sense of independence that says, “I’ll think for myself and not follow anyone blindly.” Don’t we all believe that abuse – domestic violence, abuse of kids, the elderly, and animals – is wrong? None of us wants to live in a country so divided that compassion and kindness are reserved only for those who look and think like us.

The future of America depends on how women respond to the current turmoil in our country. We can be afraid. “Protect “ourselves by shutting out everyone but people like us. We can buy into everything politicians tell us or we can decide to think for ourselves. Politicians on both sides of the aisle have their own agendas and it isn’t always what’s best for the whole country. If we really want what’s best for all Americans then its high time we started acting like it.


We’re all in this together.

Together we can find our way back to an America that works for all of us.

Women can save America.

What are your ideas? What will you do?

Please share!



Bonnie Pond is an inspiring speaker and founder of the international Make Your Life Count Movement. She’s the author of The Power of Three: How to be Happy and Get What You Want in Life (Without Doing Anything Illegal, Immoral, or Unethical) and Unlock Your Creativity: 30 Days to a More Creative YOU! and self-described “Bahooda Kicker” who helps women stop settling for less than they really want in life. Her mission is to motivate women around the world to live their purpose, love their lives, and make them count. 

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