julaine“Around this time last year I was getting ready to “jump off a cliff” and head to Colorado. A lot has happened since and I have finally started posting about where my “cliff jump” has taken me and is STILL taking me. You were a catalyst for this whole adventure. Thanks for being part of my miracle!”

– – Julaine Stark, Managerial Assistant

tara-ag-2“I chose to work with Bonnie because I felt a synergy with her style and I was curious to know what kinds of recommendations she would make for me. In particular she listened to a personal goal of mine and suggested a way for me to tie it into a professional opportunity – this was incredibly transformative. Anyone who thinks they’ve got themselves all figured out should work with Bonnie; she’ll make you look deeper and see you’re capable of much more. She’s a real asset.”

– – Tara Agacayak, Coaching and Consulting

kare-cas“Bonnie Pond has an amazing gift of vision. She quickly discerned exactly what it is that brings me joy and was able to inspire me with possibilities and opportunities I’d never imagined. Our only true limits are limits of imagination. If you’re having trouble imagining how to make your dreams come true, then you need Bonnie to inspire you. The truth is that we live in a field of unlimited possibility. Let Bonnie take you out to play in that field. I’m so glad I did.”

– – Kare Castle, Spiritual Life Coach

“Bonnie helped me identify ways to use my creativity, set goals, overcome obstacles and boost my confidence in myself. She suggested ways that I could sustain the momentum and had tips I plan to use the rest of my life. I’m looking forward to putting more of her principles into practice and seeing how far they will take me.” 

– –  Angie Steele, Photographer / Artist

bea-k“Bonnie has a gift for bringing to the front what we already have but don’t see. A talented lady indeed.”

– – Bea Kunz, Sage Hill Herb Farm

“When you asked what we would do if we had a year of no worries, I thought instantly of so many things OTHER THAN what I am doing right now. What a slap in the face for this 45 year old. My heart and my passion are not in line with my current career and I have forever been regretting that I haven’t followed my heart. I am trying to teach my daughter to follow her dreams. It seems to be working!  I am going to purchase some of your books. Do some reading. And try to find my place! You have encouraged me from just one question – amazing!”

– – De Ann Nicholas

karenheck“If you are ready to make a change in your life, “The Power of Three” can help you be happy and get what you want in life. This is a book worth reading! One of my favorite chapters in the book is: The Big Fat Bully in Your Brain and How to Combat it! Since we all deal with the issue of negative thinking at some point in our lives I feel you will like the way Bonnie set this chapter up to help in combating the “Bullying” of those negative messages we process and how to create more positive messages to get us from where we are to where we want to be. There is so much great and powerful information in this book. By following the directions and taking the actions that Bonnie suggest s you will see a change in and with your life.” 

– – Karen Heck, Entrepreneur Trainer & Advisor

“I found myself and my voice – at 45 years old because of people like you. Thank YOU for what you do; you are touching a person’s heart every day. I always think of the old Christian song “It only takes a spark to get a fire going” You just never know when your message blows that spark into a flame.” 

– – Nancy Johnson

dawnlambros“Bonnie recently wrote a book entitled, “The Power of Three.” After reading it, I truly found her book to be very inspirational, informative, insightful, and helpful. Bonnie shares her life experiences with the reader – – her struggles in coping with her own real-life situations give rise and validity to what she has to say about creating the life you WANT, not the life you feel you are STUCK with. I absolutely LOVE her usage of the “power of threes”! I especially love what she refers to as the “big fat bully in the brain,” which I can totally relate to. Bonnie helps us realize that nothing is “by chance.” She also offers simple yet effective tools in how to help solve life issues. Her book is very well written, easy to read, direct and to the point, and is worth WAY MORE than what she is charging for it.” 

– – Dawn Lambros, The Dream Builders Company, VP Sales & Marketing

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