my-life-is-a-DIY-projectMy life is one long DIY project. It’s full of messy inconsistencies. False starts, stops, and do-overs. Small successes and epic flops. Beauty, joy, and cherished moments mingled with sadness, pain, and disappointment. Days when everything goes almost as planned and long stretches when there’s one detour after another.

Years ago I choose a theme for my life: “live your purpose, love your life, and make it count.”  Occasionally it flows easily and everything just clicks.  But most times getting all those messy pieces of my life to line up and march in formation is where those darn inconsistencies keep popping up. The DIY life. . .


Some women seem to have it all put together so well. They glide through life fearlessly, smoothly juggling families and careers. Their homes are immaculate, their relationships loving and balanced, their gardens weed-free, and you’ll never find so much as a gum wrapper tossed in the back seat of their cars. Everything is just “perfect.” No DIY lives for them!


my-life-is-a-DIY-project-Bonnie-PondIf you dropped in at my house for coffee this morning, you’d find books and magazines scattered about, tennis shoes laying next to my easy chair where I kicked them off last night, and my hubby’s hat and work shirt slung over a dining room chair. Along with pet hair dust bunnies and ironing waiting to be tackled. There are unfinished art projects in the sun room, bouquets of enormous irises gathered from the garden on the table. A calendar on the fridge scribbled with meetings, appointments, and fun days with friends. No perfection here. Just a DIY life, the kind that I think most of us lead.

My Life is a DIY Project

Do-it-yourself isn’t a bad thing. In fact, I’d take that kind of life over trying for perfection any day. Which is why I’m taking the next twelve months (or more) to embrace my life as a DIY project. 

Challenging my self to do something every day that’s creative, new, scary, uncomfortable, adventurous, or fun.

Being brave enough to blog about my take on current events, politics, and whatever else comes to mind — and learning to shrug off the inevitable criticisms that follow.

Learning to slow down and take a little time for self-care despite life’s hectic pace. 


Discovering what I can do if I push farther out of my comfort zone.

Creating art just because it’s fun.

I’ll be sharing that messy, inconsistent, imperfect journey in this blog. Today is Day One in my DIY life and I kicked it off by putting this blog out for you to read. It feels a little weird (more like squirmy uncomfortable) to be sharing the ups and downs of my life with the world. I won’t post every day but I’ll let you know what I did — or didn’t do — on those in between days. It’s my way of staying honest and accountable.

If you’re living a DIY life too, I’d love to have you join me. Make comments and suggestions and share your stories too.

Talk soon. . .


Bonnie Pond is an inspiring speaker and founder of the international Make Your Life Count Movement. She’s the author of The Power of Three: How to be Happy and Get What You Want in Life (Without Doing Anything Illegal, Immoral, or Unethical) and Unlock Your Creativity: 30 Days to a More Creative YOU! and self-described “Bahooda Kicker” who helps women stop settling for less than they really want in life. Her mission is to motivate women around the world to live their purpose, love their lives, and make them count. 



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