Moving Forward: From Cubicle to Entrepreneurship


By: Karen Heck, GYP Publishing

This book is for all those who are sitting at their desk wondering what am I doing here and dreaming about all they could be doing if they were not stuck in a cubical! It’s dedicated to those who don’t know where or how to start living out their dreams or passions or what their dreams or passions are, but willing to find out so they can be profiting from their self-employment.

This book is for everyone that was told that they need to stay where it’s safe and comfortable and not pursue their desire to work at what they love, because it’s not possible to make an income from it.

This book is for those that in-spite of their fears, in-spite of the nay slayers in-spite of how things looks, you are determine to put a plan in action to make your transition from the cubical world to entrepreneurship.


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Karen is a retired United States Air Force veteran and the creator and founder of Give Yourself Power, LLC (GYP). When given six months to live, and put on disability, Karen’s determination and faith overcame the prognosis. She then recognized that she needed to do something to take care of herself, find a business that would fulfill her, and meet the life she wanted to live. She set out to fulfill her dream and desire to creating work that she loved and could do from home and create profitable income. She received her Bachelor’s and her Master’s degree in Management from Troy University. She’s taught Continuity Education courses at Paul Quinn College located in Dallas, TX. She’s work as a Human Resource Manager, Personnel Manager, and Trainer. She’s work in her family commercial janitorial business, been an adult literacy volunteer, and much more. Karen is married to her friend and love, Richard Heck, they resides in Oklahoma and due to her husband’s current work they travel quite often which meets one of her favorite things…traveling! She also enjoys reading, trying new things, learning, growing spiritually, and teaching. She’s a motivational speaker, a teacher, encourager, and author.


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