The listings in this section are businesses that I’m proud to recommend because I’ve worked with them myself. I know they are run by honest, ethical people who understand the needs of businesses, from start-ups to larger companies. They care about their clients and work hard to provide top quality services at fair prices. Some organizations and non-profit groups are included as Trusted Resources because I know they are excellent sources of education, awareness, and support.

dream-builders-company-logoThe Dream Builders Company:  Looking to build a website and don’t know who to turn to? Look no further. Check out the Dream Builders Company for a free estimate! With over twenty years of experience, Dream Builders is versed in nearly every aspect of web design and technology development imaginable. If it involves a computer, they probably do it!  Contact them today… you’ll be glad you did!  Click to View Site

karenheck-gypGive Yourself Power, Karen Heck:
Karen is the author of several books and is a dynamic public speaker for women entrepreneurs age 40+. Her desire and goal is to help them bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to be. She helps them put together the right game plan so that they experience less of the struggle, feelings of helplessness and overwhelm, and lack of motivation in their businesses. Through the books she’s written, videos, blogs, Blog Talk Radio show, webinar courses, and various products she sells on the clearing house page of her website Karen helps women entrepreneurs get back to the joy of loving the business they started. Her motto is Keep it Simple…Keep it Real.  Be sure to visit her website. Click Here for Details.

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