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Make Your Life Count!

“Each of us has a special gift, a unique set of talents and abilities that no one else has in that combination  and we have a responsibility to use what we’ve been given to make a positive impact.”

If you live according to the expectations of others instead of being true to yourself . . .  if you let the Big Fat Bully in Your Brain keep you locked in your comfort zone  . . . if you tell yourself the “Someday Lie,” one day there won’t be any time left to do the things you dream of doing.

There are 5 keys to doing what you’re passionate about, finding your true path, and living with fewer regrets. These hold true for everyone. Learn simple strategies to conquer fear, 3 core principles of confidence, and the power of accountability. You don’t have to be “ready.” Start today with a blueprint to take your life from ordinary to Extraordinary.

Note:  For some audiences this presentation may include creating a group “Make Your Life Count!” mosaic or other collaborative artwork


The Ripple Effect

Everyone wants to make their mark and leave some kind of lasting legacy but we’ve been conditioned to believe that unless it’s a big splash – finding the cure for cancer, founding an international conglomerate, writing a best-selling novel, or the like – our efforts aren’t enough.

The truth is that we all have the power to start the Ripple Effect.  It begins with one person who has the courage to dream of a better world. Key concepts of this presentation: the power of a shared vision, how change happens, building a team, and turning a ripple into a tsunami.

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