Say “YES!” to your life…  It’s the only one you’ve got!


Life is about choices. You can take the path of least resistance, settle for ordinary, and arrive at the end with regrets about how you might have lived. . . OR you can stop buying into the “Someday Lie.” Learn the five keys to making your life count, simple strategies to build momentum and the confidence to live your purpose and love your life — and why you’re already “enough” to start today.

That’s what saying “YES!” to your life means.

“Unless you’re satisfied exactly where you are, unless you’re willing to settle for less than you deserve, you have to let go of what’s not serving you anymore.”

Note:  For some audiences this presentation may include creating a group “Make It Count!” mosaic or other collaborative artwork.

ReLaunch Your Life!

This interactive and thought-provoking presentation helps you rediscover the woman you were born to be so you can get out of your head and into your life. Learn to harness the transformational power of accountability and commitment. Stop dragging around old baggage and push past roadblocks. Learn how to end overwhelm and turn your “to do” list into a “TA-DA!” list. Get the tools you need to get back in the driver’s seat and start living like you really mean it.

Note: A more in-depth half or full day workshop is also available, depending upon the needs of your group.

“If you’re living according to other people’s expectations, it probably feels like you’re trapped in someone else’s life.  Somewhere along the way, the real you got lost but it’s not too late to find your way again.   It’s not too late to become the woman you were born to be.”

Beating the Big Fat Bully in Your Brain 

Who is this Big Fat Bully? It’s that nasty little inner voice that whispers (and all too often shrieks) “You’re ugly. Stupid. Fat. Incompetent. Too old. Too young.”  The Bully rants, “You’re not enough and oh by the way, you NEVER will be!”  Too many women spend their lives in a losing battle with the Bully, giving in to fears and settling for less than they really want. I fought that battle for years before I figured out how to put The Bully in her place!

Learn the 3 core principles of confidence, realistic ways to silence the Bully, and why comfort zones should be resting places, not permanent homes. Switch off “killer language” and rewire your brain for success instead of the fears and doubts holding you back.  

 “The Big Fat Bully thrives on fear – and fear is LOUD!   Allowing the Bully to hijack our thoughts and emotions traps us in a beige life of frustration, disappointment, and regrets.”

Presentations customized to meet the needs of your group. To book Bonnie for your next event, contact our office for details.


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