What’s your Big Dream?


Will you climb the stone steps up to the Parthenon in Athens?

Hike the Appalachian Trail?

Are you going to write a best-selling novel and make a pile of money?

Overcome your fear of heights and learn to skydive?


You’re going to do it SOMEDAY, right?


When you’re not so busy. . .

And the time is right . . .

When there’s enough money . . .

Someday when the house is paid for and the kids are grown and you have oodles of free time. . .

So you work, pay the bills, and once in a while maybe even take a short vacation. And dream about the amazing things you’ll do . . . Someday. . . 

You’re living the Someday Lie

and it will ruin your life if you keep buying into it.


How do I know? Because I’m a “recovering Someday Liar,” that’s how.

Procrastination? One of my BFFs.

Excuses? Yep, I’ve used most of ’em, even the lamest ones.

Fears and doubts? They hang out with The Big Fat Bully in My Brain.

Waiting for just the “right time?”

There’s no perfect “right time,” there’s just time —

and the clock keeps ticking.



There will always be obstacles to achieving your dreams. Always. Most of us aren’t going to solve our financial problems by winning millions in the lottery. Nope, not going to happen. Waiting for just the “right time?” There’s no perfect “right time,” there’s just time — and the clock keeps ticking. There will always be family responsibilities. And nasty little surprises like an accident or health crisis or losing a job.

That’s how life goes. Stuff happens. Hurdles. Complications. Problems. Life. . .


You Can Fix the Someday Lie with

Make Your Dreams Happen Action


And now for the good news . . . (Drum roll please) You can decide to stop living the Someday Lie. The obstacles and bumps in the road aren’t going away but it doesn’t matter. They’re going to be there anyway so you might as well go after what you really want in life. Dreams don’t come cheap but they’re worth it.


1) If you’re not willing to put in hard work — and a LOT of it — to get what you want, then get real. You don’t want it that badly!

I’m saying this with a whole lot of tough love, based on my own experiences. The flops and failures. The false starts and screeching stops.  I’ve wasted way too much money on “success road maps,” coaches, and programs that I began but didn’t follow through with. Wasn’t willing to put in the hard work. Gave up too soon. The truth is I didn’t want whatever it was badly enough.

2) Decide what you want the most because you probably won’t get every single thing on your list.

So what? Get busy. You’ll be way ahead of those who do nothing but wish and wait.

Fixing the Someday Lie means making choices. Choose to stop lying to yourself. Go after what’s most important to you. Decide to let go of the Someday Lie. Today. Right now.


3) Be specific about what you want.

No more vague daydreams allowed. We “Someday Liars” love vague daydreams because they’re so indistinct and formless. No pressure to make them real. There’s no possibility of failure. No effort required.

Instead of “Someday I’ll get my bachelor’s degree,” put your dream into a clear-cut statement with (gasp!) a realistic deadline.  “I’ll take one evening class every semester, beginning in September 2017. I won’t stop until I receive my bachelor’s degree.”  See the difference? Now, go sign up for that first class and get started.

What are you waiting for? Tick . . . tock. . .

4) Once you’ve got a plan, be prepared to work like you’ve never worked before.

I’m not kidding about this!  

There will be tough choices. You’ll have to give up some things, make sacrifices.

No “easy” buttons. (I wish. . .)

There are no good fairies out there to rescue you. Sorry, no magic wands available. If there was, I would have snagged one years ago!

And you’ll have to work your bahooda off. . .

Even when you’re bone tired, drained, and desperately need a nap.

When people stop believing in you, hurt your feelings, or make fun of you (and trust me, it will happen), take a deep breath and dig in. Join the Make Your Life Count Community for support and encouragement.

You have to keep slogging away even when you’re so down and discouraged you wonder what the heck you were thinking to even start this crazy project in the first place.

And especially when your dream seems so far out there beyond the horizon that you wonder if you’ll ever get there. Keep going!

5) Instead of kicking back and zoning out in front of the TV every night, put that some of that time into Make Your Dreams Happen Action.

Hey, I get it. After a long day, I just want to relax and be entertained too, but that doesn’t cut it. Not if you do that night after night. I tried that approach for years, wanting the easy way, the comfy way, hoping my dream would just sort of happen.

And guess what? It didn’t! All the things I said I wanted to accomplish, well, that was just so much hot air and pixie dust.

I’m not going to lie. I haven’t stopped watching TV completely and probably never will. I’m a news junkie and watching British murder mysteries is one of my favorite ways to spend an evening.

But with a TV-free evening or two, I “found” time to write, to read, to tap into my creativity by playing around with art supplies stored away for years. Slowly I noticed a shift. After a while I saw a little bit of progress, enough to keep plugging away. To not give up on my goals. I’m not all the way there yet, but they’re a lot closer to becoming reality.


6) If giving up TV for a couple of evenings is too big an ask, then give up some sleep. (Groan!)

Get up an hour earlier or stay up an hour later and invest that time in what really matters to you.

Let’s do the math. That’s an extra 5 hours a week (sleep in on the weekends).

260 more hours a year to use on what you want to accomplish.

That’s like getting a month and a half of 40-hour work weeks as a bonus!

Or you can lay in bed and snooze. Your choice . . .

You don’t have to keep living the Someday Lie. Make a decision. Make a change. You’re worth it!


Live Your Purpose, Love Your Life, and Make It Count!


Bonnie Pond is an inspiring speaker and founder of the international Make Your Life Count Movement. She’s the author of The Power of Three: How to be Happy and Get What You Want in Life (Without Doing Anything Illegal, Immoral, or Unethical) and Unlock Your Creativity: 30 Days to a More Creative YOU! and self-described “Bahooda Kicker” who helps women stop settling for less than they really want in life. Her mission is to motivate women around the world to live their purpose, love their lives, and make them count. 


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